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TriCities Spine includes the expertise of Dr. Jim Brasfield, a neurosurgeon who specializes in spine surgery. TriCities Spine involves nonsurgical specialists such as physical medicine and rehabilitation physician and physical therapists who have advanced training in back pain and neck pain.

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Dr. Brasfield uses the latest minimally invasive techniques and instrumentation to access the spine through a small incision to help patients recover in a shorter period of time and allow for a quicker return home.

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TriCities Spine emphasizes a nonsurgical approach to back pain, recognizing that in most cases spine surgery should be the last card to be played after nonsurgical options have been tried. Dr. Fred Terry treats back and neck pain patients, focusing on providing nonsurgical treatment options, including injections and therapy.

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Should you see a spine specialist?

Have you experienced any...

Loss of control of bowel or bladder?

Loss of bowel/bladder control is an EMERGENCY symptom. You need to see a spine surgeon or go to an Emergency Room within 24 hours, or the symptom could become permanent. Call our office IMMEDIATELY: 423-844-6407.

Numbness or tingling in an arm or leg?

Numbness, pain or tingling into a leg or arm, especially when it extends below a knee or elbow, could imply a disc problem, and should be seen by a spine specialist within 2 days. Call our office at 423-844-6407 or request an appointment.

Difficulty moving an arm or leg?

Difficulty moving an arm or leg could imply a disc problem, and should be seen by a spine specialist within 2 days. Call our office at 423-844-6407 or request an appointment.

SEVERE trauma, fall or car accident?

Any traumatic fall or car accident could have fractured bones in your spine, or herniated a disc. You should see a spine specialist promptly who may perform X-rays to assess you. Call our office at 423-844-6407 or request an appointment.

Neck pain WITH severe headache, nausea, bright lights bother your eyes?

Neck pain with headache/nausea is an EMERGENCY symptom. See a doctor in 24 hours. Call our office IMMEDIATELY: 423-844-6407.

None of the above

Did the pain come on after lifting, or after aggressive exercise or sports activity?


What our patients say?

"His bedside manner was wonderful and calming to all of us. The surgery and recovery went great and the doctor is an outstanding skilled surgeon."

Patrice D.

"The office staff is friendly and accommodating , the Dr. Is very professional and compassionate. A five star facility."

Brian G.

"He is a hero because he searched until he found the cause of my pain . No one else seemed to take the time to discover it and in the meantime I was in debilitating pain. Dr. Brasfield is kind, compassionate and really listens to what you have to say."


"I went to Dr. Brasfield for a second opinion. He provided an option that was less invasive and quicker recovery. He provided me with all the information to allow me to make an informed decision. Everything turned out just as he predicted. I was up and walking the same day as my lower back surgery. It was amazing."


Anatomy Library

To communicate with your back doctor, it helps to know the terms your physician might use to explain and describe your condition. To clear things up a bit, here is a "crash course" in spine anatomy.

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