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320 Bristol West Blvd., Suite 2B, Bristol, TN 37620 | Phone: 423.844.6407
TriCities Spine is a subsidiary of Bristol Neurosurgical Associates, the practice of Jim C. Brasfield, MD.

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Using Information Technology to Enhance Service

Bristol Neurosurgical Associates and its subsidiary TriCities Spine are leaders in the use electronic medical records (EMR) that enables the physicians to provide feedback to insurance carriers, case managers and employers faster than most other physician practices. Both practices use E-Cure, an electronic medical records system software system that uses flat screen displays in each exam room that shows the patient chart, X-rays and other diagnostic tests.

According to Spencer Brasfield, a co-founder of E-Cure, a software company based in Bristol, Tennessee, electronic medical record systems enable physicians to improve patient care, enhance productivity and eliminate tedious time consuming paperwork.

Because we have eliminated paper, we enjoy rapid communications with referring physicians, the hospitals, and other medical professionals. The E-Cure system at Bristol Neurosurgical Associates and TriCities Spine have proven to speed clinical recordkeeping and improve patient management. Medical software, including EMR and practice management software, have always been a key focus, and with new privacy measures like HIPAA being phased in, it is more necessary than ever for a medical practice to keep pace with these changes.

E-Cure is now being marketed to other medical practices across the United States. For more information, visit


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 Exercise Library

TriCities Spine Exercise Library

Stretching and exercising provide ample benefits to back and neck pain sufferers: pain relief, strengthening, increased flexibility, and more. Select the above image to view our Exercise Library.

Anatomy Library

TriCities Spine Anatomy Library

Medical illustrations and descriptions may help you to understand what causes back or neck pain. Select the above image to view our Anatomy Library.

Medical Animations

TriCities Spine Medical Animations

In addition to the illustrations featured in our Anatomy Library, you will find interactive, step-by-step video presentations that explain spine conditions and the available treatment procedures.

Nonsurgical Treatment

Nonsurgical Treatment at TriCities Spine

Our nonsurgical emphasis in treating back and neck problems is often successful in helping people return to activity without surgery. Select the above image to learn more about Nonsurgical Care.

A Team Approach

A Team Approach to Back & Neck Pain Treatment

TriCities Spine provides all the specialists, diagnostic, and rehabilitation facility, all under one roof. Select the above image to learn more about our team approach to the treatment of back and neck pain.

Details of Spine Problems

Details About Spine Problems

Our Spine Problems resource describes the symptoms, causes, and treatment options for spine conditions affecting the back and neck. Select the above image to view our Spine Problems section.